These are the 5 Best Adventure Travel Shows

Can you guess which movie character I love? You were correct if Indiana Jones was your favorite movie character. All four films must have been seen over 100 times. It’s impossible not to dream of epic international adventures searching for lost treasure. Although Indy is a fictional character, five real-life explorers come close to Indy. The best part is that you can watch them on a Popular TV Show.

Below are the Top 5 Adventure Travel Shows. They are hosted by real-life explorers who take us on the most amazing adventures on Earth.

The Best Adventure Travel Shows

1) Expedition Unknown – Host Josh Gates2) Walking the Himalayas (Host Levison Wood)
3) Running Wild With Bear Grylls – Host: Bear Grylls
4) Dual Survival – The hosts are Grady Powell and Josh James
5) Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown – Host: Ed Stafford

1 Expedition Unknown – Host Josh Gates

Josh Gates is an avid explorer and has a passion for history. Josh holds a degree in archeology and is a member of the prestigious organization The Explorer’s Club. He has been to more than 90 countries. Josh’s adventurous spirit led him to explore the Mediterranean underwater archeologically and to the summits of Mount Kilimanjaro (one of the seven highest peaks) and Mount Aconcagua.

Expedition Unknown is hosted by Josh. Expedition Unknown is a top-rated travel show and will soon be one of your favorite shows.

Josh travels to remote locations to investigate unsolved historical legends. Josh will keep you on the edge, whether he’s searching for El Dorado, the city without gold, or the Honjo Masamune in Japan 13th-century Samurai sword, Josh is there to solve your mysteries.

2) Walking in the Himalayas – Host Levison Wood


Levison Wood is a great explorer. This former British army officer trekked the length of the Nile River in 2013, through war-torn countries and some of the most hostile environments on Earth. Levison trekked the Himalayas in 2015. He traveled through Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bhutan on this adventure. Levison is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Levison was the host for “Walking the Himalayas.” He will push himself to the limits while traversing the treacherous terrain of some of the highest and most remote mountains in the world. This series is adventure journalism at its best. Levison inspires viewers with his ability to accomplish the impossible.

3 Running Wild with Bear Grylls Host: Bear Grylls


Bear Grylls is an adventurer at heart. His passion for the outdoors is unmatched. Bear was an early boy who learned to fish, climb, and camp. He was 23 years old, making him the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest. Amazingly, this feat was achieved just 18 months after he suffered a broken back from a parachuting accident. The former British SAS soldier is now the Chief Scout of The Scout Association, where he teaches nature to love and respect his 450,000 Scouts.

Bear hosts “Running Wild With Bear Grylls”. Celebrities join Bear on adventures around the world, as part of the show. Bear challenges celebrities to test their survival skills in the wilderness, whether they are climbing mountains or rappelling down cliffs. One episode featured Barack Obama, the U.S. president, joining Bear for a hike through the Alaskan wilderness. They talked about climate change, clean environments, and the importance of protecting our planet.

4) Dual survival – Hosts Grady Powell and Josh James

Grady Powell, a former U.S. Army Green Beret, comes from a long line of military officers. Grady is a specialist in military survival techniques and has served tours in both Iraqi and African.

Josh James is a primitive survivalist in the wilderness. Josh hails from New Zealand and is proficient in hunting, tracking, trapping, fishing, as well as trapping. His experience in the wild has helped him develop survival skills.

Grady and Josh have the mental and physical skills to help people survive in extreme circumstances.

Dual Survival Season 8 was hosted by Josh and Grady. Dual Survival (Season 8) is aimed at the next generation survivalists. It demonstrates what it takes for survival on some of the most difficult terrains on Earth. They rely on four essential elements to survive in the wilderness: water, food, shelter, and fire. Each episode is set in a different location, which can be remote and also full of wilderness. Grady and Josh both take on extreme situations and must navigate through the most difficult conditions. Although they may have different strategies, both must reach the same goal: survival.

5) Ed Stafford Into the Unknown – Host Ed Stafford


Ed Stafford, a former British Army Officer, uses his outdoor skills to reach the most remote places on Earth. Ed was the first person to cross the entire length of the Amazon River in 2010. It took 860 days. Ed was awarded National Geographic Adventurer of Year. Ed is a world-renowned explorer who has led numerous expeditions around the globe.

Ed was the host for Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown. He is on a mission investigating the mysteries surrounding satellite images of remote areas of the planet. Ed discovers that satellite images from remote West Papua show huge white lines. Is he able to figure out their purpose? To find out, you will need to keep watching.