How To Gear Up Your Raid: Shadow Legends Game

Clan Boss building is a challenge that can seem counterintuitive as it’s constructed differently to almost every other challenge in the game. Your goal in every dungeon or campaign is to kill the enemy. Clan bosses have a different goal: Do as much damage as possible before you are killed. This means that failure is guaranteed, unless someone gets the last hit. If you die, it is not a matter how.

Clan Boss can theoretically be divided into two distinct periods in your game: Pre–Giant Slayer(GS) and Post–Giant Slayer. My Mastery guide contains more information about the Giant Slayer mastery. The types of champions that you will use after you have obtained Giant Slayer are drastically changed.

The Basics

However, regardless of whether you have GS and WM, there are certain things that will be true. Let’s start by addressing the #1 rule of Clan Boss.

Rule 1 – More turns = More damage

Because of the unique nature Clan Boss’s abilities, the majority of your damage will be caused by effects. These are things that cause maximum damage and do damage based upon maximum health. These effects are reduced by a passive, which would otherwise cause a 5% poison to the normal difficulty Clan Boss that causes 5 million damage per tick). However, they remain the best way to harm him.

These abilities are usually unaffected by your stats, or very lightly. This means that, unlike many other places in the game’s world, increasing your attack power will not increase your damage.

You can make more turns in one of two ways: speed up or stay longer. You’ll want to do both to get the maximum damage. Speed buffs, turn meters increases, and equipping champions with gear that boosts their speed is all part of the equation.

Your champions will be able to last longer if they are able to sustain the form healing and life steal.

Rule 2 – Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Clan Boss team are extremely complex! It can be difficult to predict whether a champion will increase or decrease damage. Each champion will have an effect on the others. Try out different team comps to find the best one!

However, it’s a good idea to check with your clan leader if you are in a guild that is competitive.

Rule 3 – Know His Mechanisms

It is important to understand how Clan Boss operates. Each round will consist of AoE and harder-hitting AoE. Then comes a single-target, irresistible stun. Defense RAID artifacts will be ignored if he falls below 50%. Your heals, shields, and buffs should be timed accordingly. If you have a team-based counter attack buff, such as Skullcrusher (or any other similar item), don’t use it while the boss is using his stun ability. Each person will have a turn, and the buff will go unutilized.

Below 50%, the boss’s Void affinity will be replaced by a random affinity. His attacks will also change. While the pattern is unchanged, his single-target attack will ignore defense. His other abilities, however, gain different buffs or debuffs depending on his affinity.

Be aware of what he isn’t immune to. Don’t try to freeze, stimulate, stun or sleep. It won’t work.

This leads to the fourth rule.

Rule 4 – Don’t Auto

Okay, maybe not auto. You can do it if you are confident that you have the auto to get the top chest for your difficulty. If your clan is trying to take down the boss, or you need to do maximum harm to get the chest, then go for it. Manual is the best option. The AI is not very intelligent. Coldheart’s A2 will apply poison to a target who is under a heal-reduction debuff. If you are Coldheart, her A2 will not be used unless she has applied it with either her A1 or one of your champion’s abilities. Otherwise, the ability is useless. What is the AI? It will give her an A2 in round 1. Before it is even possible that he has such debuffs.

Your abilities will be fired by the AI on cooldown. The AI will use your A2, then yourA3, and then use your A1 until you get one back up. The AI will not be able to hold an ability for longer than necessary. It must also consider conditions that would allow it to make the most of the ability.

Although it can be slow, it is possible to accomplish the most efficient results by using manual mode.

The Reward

It’s not possible to give an exhaustive list of all the items that can be found in each chest. I will however, briefly explain how it works. For those who wonder if it is worth the effort, here are some answers. The highest difficulty chests can drop sacred shards and void shards. Legendary and epic skill tomes are also available. These are fantastic prizes.

There are two resets each day: The daily reset at 12:00 UTC, which resets your daily mission, etc. The Clan reset takes place at 10:00 AM UTC. This resets your daily missions, HP, and unlocks the participation box if you have more than 90 stars.

Every 6 hours, you get one clan key that you can use to defeat the clan boss. The timer begins at the beginning of the fight and ends at the end. Take your time.

A chest will be given to you based on how much damage you have done to the Clan Boss when the Clan Reset occurs (or when the Clan Boss has been defeated). You will be given two chests of the tier if the clan boss is killed.

For example, here are some examples:

Clan Newbie is fighting CaptainNewPlayer, the easy clan boss. CaptainNewPlayer, its leader, deals 1.5 million damage to all keys that day.

The clan chest tiers are easy to find (you can check the damage requirements by hitting a button next the Clan Boss).:476k – 635k: Novice Chest

  • Novice Chest: 635k-1269k
  • Adept Chest – 1269k – 1903k
  • Warrior Chest: Over 1903k

CaptainNewPlayer is awarded an Adept Chest after the clan fails to take down the boss.

CaptainNewPlayer then uses Zavia, his Champion, to join his team the next day. He hits Clan Boss to do 12 million damage on all of his keys. He receives 2 Warrior chests as soon as his boss dies.

PvtLowLevel, his Clanmate had to use one key. His team isn’t strong enough yet so he did only 200k of damage. The Clan defeated the boss but he will not get any treasure chests.

This is a crucial point to remember when managing a clan. Clan Bosses can die way too quickly and lower-level players may not be able to access a single treasure chest. This is not something they like. You might ask your higher-level players to tackle harder challenges once they have dealt enough damage to get the max chest. As long as you can still kill the boss without any additional contribution from them,

Clan boss chests can be divided by their names. An Adept chest dropped by easy will yield the same loot potential as one dropped by normal. Each tier will usually have three chests from the previous tier, while the top chest will contain a better chest. (Brutal is an exception and adds two tiers to the chest!) If you are unable to reach the top-tier chest, you may find it easier to hit a lower difficulty chest. You’ll still get the same chest but with less effort.

Buffs and Debuffs

Certain buffs or debuffs work better at Clan Boss. Some of these are essential to maximize your damage. You will find two versions of buffs and debuffs: a weaker and a stronger version. For example, weaken comes in a 15% and 25% versions. Always use the best version.

You want people who are able to apply buffs/debuffs continuously. It can be on the primary attack or on a short cooldown ability. If it’s a 2-turn buff and has a 4-turn cooldown it may still be okay. This will allow you to keep your 100% up-time. As the boss becomes faster, this will be more difficult to complete.

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