The Ultimate Domain Name Generator

I found this revolutionary website, and I felt that I had to write about this one, even if I haven’t used my blog for a while. Maybe, there is still someone out there reading this, and if I can help out just one fellow by this post, it was worth it. That being said, I also talk about this website at parties, at work, with my neighbours who are telling me about their new webshop idea, basically any time I can bring it up. I know, I must be fun at parties… But, I have a reason for being so passionate about this find.

This might come as a shock, but this blog is not my only webpage, not even my only blog.

Here, I mostly write recommendations, but I used to have a travel blog when I spent time abroad and I have a few websites for personal projects. I also helped some people with helping their website. The common denominator in all these websites is that I had to go through hell to find a domain name, especially when it came to helping others. They were always set on a name, that name was always taken, and they refused to choose anything else. It would delay the project by days, if not weeks. That is, if they didn’t completely give up on it. Okay, in those cases, it was better that they quit sooner than later.

I refused to believe that there isn’t a domain name generator out there that could make my life easier, so I started to dig around, and I found something that exceeded my expectations, DomainTyper. This website addressed all the issues that I had with domain name search, all the causes of my past frustrations. Let me tell you about what it can do in a bit more detail.

At this point, I will assume that you know what domain names are and why you need one when setting up a website. If you don’t, I’m sorry and feel free to reach out, I’m happy to chat about it.

But for now, let’s say, you do know all that. The number one problem when choosing a domain name is that it has to be unique. The other problem is that a lot of people have the same ideas and you might be set on a name that is already taken. You will only find this out when you look for the website. You typed it in your browser, nothing comes up. It must be free then! Well, not so fast. People can possess domain names without actually using them. With DomainTyper, you type in the name that you thought of and it tells you if it’s taken or not for various extensions. It might be taken for .com, but open for .org or some other extension. Here you have the option to purchase the domain with a different extension or to make an offer to the existing .com owner of that name. Everything from this one page.

There is more. If you don’t want another extension and you don’t want to make an offer, DomainTyper generates alternatives for the name that you typed in. Sometimes, pretty good ones. You can choose one of these and then it gives you the purchase options. It tells you the three best offers. After finding the best one, you can click and it takes you to a third party website, where you can purchase your chosen domain name.

So simple, yet so revolutionary. I hope you will give it a try at your next domain name purchase. If you do, let me know if you loved it as much as I did!

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