10 Most Popular Story Missions in Grand Theft Auto V

As of late, there has been much discussion about the development and release of the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Although GTAVI is likely many years away, it’s worth noting that this latest version is still available.

While the online mode in Grand Theft Auto V keeps many players busy, the main story mode of the game still stands out as the best. For online mod you might find helpful GTA 5 Pre Modded Accounts. The main story was remarkable for its simplicity, but it had many amazing story missions. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable missions in V’s single-player mode.

10. Trevor and Michael Team up to take down a plane in “Caida Libre”

Martin Madrazo, the Mexican Cartel leader, has many jobs. Trevor and Michael are enlisted by him to assist him in capturing Javier, his cousin who is flying to Los Santos to give evidence against Madrazo.

The first opportunity for players to shoot Javier’s plane from the sky with a mounted sniper rifle is to use a high-powered mount sniper rifle. Trevor takes over the mission and follows Javier’s incoming plane on a high-powered mounted sniper rifle to complete the task.

9 “Three’s Company”, The First Mission to Unite All Three Protagonists

This is the first mission in which all three characters are involved in the main storyline. This mission will help the FIB to steal Ferdinand Kerimov. The FIB assumed that Ferdinand Kerimov was dead, but he is actually alive and being interrogated at the IAA.

The mission is fun because each character plays a different part in the mission, and the player has the opportunity to experience them all. Trevor pilots the helicopter, while Michael rappels down to kidnap Kerimov. Franklin, a sniper rifle-wielding sniper, is available for backup.

8 Michael and Trevor Fight in a War Between The FIB. IAA. And Merryweather In “The wrap-up”

In GTA , there are many different organizations that get involved with the affairs of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. The Wrap-Up sees the various factions erupt in an action-packed, violent war that leaves Michael in the middle.

Players are forced to flee the Kortz Center museum and get to play as Trevor and Michael at an important point in their relationship. In the chaos of an air-to ground battle with a helicopter, both duck-and-cover and sniper shooters have ample opportunities to take part in this dual-perspective mission.

7 Crew Members Are Involved in a Shootout Of Major Proportions For “Blitz Play”

The three protagonists are assigned to rob an IAA-funded armored truck. Michael opts for a blitz-play approach. They block the route of the armored truck with a garbage truck just before it pulls up.

They then tow the car while it is parked to cause damage and to collect the money. The player who succeeds with this will be required to participate in a major shoot-out. It’s a joy to be able to pick which character you want to fight with, and occasionally switch to one in need.

6  “Lamar Down” Highlights the Benefits of Strategically Working with a Team

Lamar Davis is a great character in GTAV. He first appears as a long-time friend to Franklin before becoming a friend to Trevor. After Lamar was captured by the Ballas gang and betrayed, the three crew members joined forces to attack the hideout at the sawmill in the “Lamar Down” mission.

Trevor, Michael, and Franklin launch an attack on the sawmill in a three-way strategy. This gives players the chance to strategically eliminate the Ballas as well as save Lamar. It is a fun mission that is non-heist and is worth playing many times.

Five “The Jewel Score” Heists Are Some Of The Most Genuine Feeling In GTA V
This heist allows players to get a taste of the game’s heists, such as how they prepare for them in mini-missions or choosing their crew. This is one of many heists that the game offers. Players have multiple options for how to approach it.

Michael and Franklin have two options to rob the jewelry shop: they can pretend to be a fumigation business after knocking everyone out with sleeping gas (“Smart”) or by going head-on as an old fashion stick-up robbery (“Loud”) Be ready to flee from the cops.

4 Michael and Franklin Assail The FIB Building in “The Bureau Raid”

Steve Haines is the arrogant FIB agent Michael, who asks the main characters for any records of Haines’ crimes to be taken from the FIB building. This is the second heist in the game. It only includes Michael, Franklin, and Steve Haines. Trevor is not present because he is mad at Michael. There are two options for this one.

Michael pretends to be a janitor for “Covert” and rigs FIB using bombs. They then infiltrate the FIB as firemen to steal the files. “Roof” orders them all to take a helicopter up to the top of FIB’s building, then parachute down and steal the files.

3 “The Paleto score” is one of the most insane missions in the game

This mission is most likely the most insane in the game. This seems like a small task, since Trevor, Franklin, Michael and Franklin are attempting to rob a Paleto Bay bank. This bank holds over $8 million in its vaults, and cops are ready to help anyone who attempts to steal it.

They are also required to purchase heavy military-grade weapons and armor. To escape with the cash, players must hold off the police and local army. They will also need to deal with tanks that are coming at them. You can’t stop the action from the beginning of the robbery.

2 “The Big Score”, Features Stealthy and High-Action Options

Trevor and Michael have always hoped to rob the Union Depository. They will be executing the task together with Franklin. There are two very different ways to do it. The other involves being discreet and posing as people who drive around the gold bars, pretending to be doing something else.

There’s also the obvious. This involves a fake take-over at the Union Depository, while an underground drill breaks through the walls to grab the gold. Although the heist appears stealthy initially, it becomes more aggressive once the police discover what is happening. If the players succeed, they will be set for their entire lives.

1 “The Third Way” is the Best Way to End The Campaign

The game ends with players having the option to choose how they want it to end. Trevor or Michael can be killed by Franklin. The third option is the most fitting and canonical. They team up to eliminate many of their enemies who have tortured them throughout this game.

The shoot-out begins with Merryweather and the FIB, and ends with each character taking out a person at a given time. After the shoot-out, each character takes out one person at a time. It’s an enjoyable way for to come to an end.