More Marijuana Questions

Can Marijuana Cause Harder Drugs?

This is a loaded question. This question is loaded. (No pun intended) Because of the way it is phrased, marijuana can be considered a “soft drug”. Every drug has side effects, and marijuana is no different. Of all the drugs available, marijuana is the most dangerous. It is a more difficult drug.

However, is marijuana a gateway drug that can lead to the use of other drugs? It is not possible to prove that marijuana smoking causes an individual to use drugs such as heroin or cocaine. However…

It’s easy to see that the majority of users of heroin, cocaine and ecstasy smoked marijuana first. This could be explained by the fact that marijuana became less appealing and other drugs became more popular. You might also find yourself around pot dealers and smokers who expose you to other drugs that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity to.

Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Cancer?

There is no way to know for certain what causes cancer. However, we do know buy weed online in canada what factors increase the likelihood of developing it. Carcinogens are chemicals. These chemicals can cause cancerous growths in the body if they are present in the environment, or inhaled through smoking or eating.

These carcinogens are much more prevalent in marijuana smoke than in cigarettes.

Do Doctors Prescribe Marijuana in Some States?

Doctors can legally recommend marijuana to treat a handful of illnesses in 13 states. This is rare and they rarely recommend it. They won’t give you a prescription saying “CUSH” and then ask that you go to your local drug store for a bag. They simply sign a card saying, “This patient is sick.” The “patient” can then possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

“Medical Marijuana” is commonly used. There is no difference in the medical marijuana that they use and the illegal marijuana they sell. If someone is arrested in medical marijuana states with a medical marijuana card, and small amounts of marijuana, they will not be allowed to say anything. If he is carrying ten pounds of marijuana and one of these cards, the cops will not say anything. He’s going to jail, forget it!