12 Crystals for the Bedroom and Where to Place Them

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. However, with so many people having trouble getting good sleep, has some great crystals. Sleep is essential for our mental well-being, physical prowess, and emotional wellbeing. It regulates hormones and strengthens the immune system. Good sleep can help you to blossom in self-love and self-care. We also have hours of integration and the time to explore our subconsciously through sleep. It’s because our intuitions and answers can be found in the dream world when we say “sleep on” in the face of big decisions.

It can be difficult to get into a deep, peaceful sleep. Our minds can be racing with so many things in the world, that negative thought can take over and prevent us from settling into blissful sleep. Overstimulated, stressed, anxious, and many other things can interrupt our natural need to rest. You can create a positive environment by bringing crystals to your bedroom.

For a good night’s sleep, use healing stonesdouble bed against a window with clouds

These gems can be sedative and have gentle vibrations. Crystals are also available for those who wish to focus their attention on enhancing their spiritual gifts while sleeping.

Amethyst to promote serenity, deep dream work, and tranquility

Rose Quartz to fill your bed with love

Celestite to make a bedtime drink of pure chill

Citrine to keep your light shining

Fluorite to play dreamcatcher

Carnelian for spicing up your sensuality

Black Tourmaline to make a cloak for protection

Moonstone to take bedtime encounters on a deeper level

Select to clean your sleeping space

Labradorite to let go and create your creative dreams

Howlite to ease insomnia

Smoky Quartz to ward off negative energy

1) Amethyst


How it looks: Purple power that ranges from soft lilac shades to deep dark wines

What it does If anxiety and stress are keeping you awake at night, Amethyst can help. This gem is known for its soothing energy and ability to ease tension. It also offers a sedative approach to spiritual bliss that allows you to relax. Amethyst’s powerful power and connection with the crown chakra means that it can assist you in any dreamwork you wish to explore. If placed under the pillow, Amethyst can answer all your questions. Learn more about Amethyst’s meaning.

When you should use it: If stress is preventing your flow, or if insomnia is a problem, Amethyst may help to soothe the mind, body, and soul. To help you fall asleep or interpret your dreams, place a bit of Amethyst under the pillow. If you find the dreams disturbing, try Amethyst.

2) Rose Quartz


How it looks: Joyful and gentle in pink shades, Rose Quartz is pure duvet-day vibes

What it does The Rose Quartz crystal is filled with unconditional love and is the best friend you could ask for. This heart chakra gem surrounds you with compassion, forgiveness, peace, and the assurance that everything will be okay. This gem stops you from going to sleep with anger and frustration. Instead, it encourages you to embrace the wholesome soothing vibes that will make your sleep amazing.

How to use it. Slip it under your pillow or place a charm at your side to keep negative vibes away. This stone is also great for children, especially if they have trouble sleeping at night.

3) Celestite


How it looks: If there was a color that could be described as a dream, it would probably be Celestite. It is soaked in soft shades of blue and white.

What it does This rare gem ruminates with the most precious energy. It brings serenity and soft vibrations to all who keep it close. Celestite can be used as a bedtime tonic. It is like drinking pure chill. This stone calms the storm within us, reminding us to slow down and allow the rain to wash away our worries. Celestite is gentle and won’t overwhelm you when it knows that you need to rest. Learn more about Celestite’s meaning.

How to use it If you’re experiencing agitation, or if you feel like you have a sleep disorder, Celestite can help you to fall asleep at night. Sometimes, the answers and processing are found when we stop trying so hard. This stone is recommended to be placed beneath your pillow.

4) Citrine


How it looks: Bright and sunny, the Citrine Stone is more often associated with summer morning vibes. However, it’s also great for a nightcap.

What it does. Citrine, a perfect source of positive energy and solar energy, is always ready to blow you away. This stone is perfect for those who wish to make their bedroom a place of joy and peace. Citrine is a stone that can remove negativity from your bedroom, prevent you from having nightmares, and ensures that you end and begin each day with positive play and hope. Learn more about Citrine.

How to use it: You can keep Citrine jewelry with you at night to make sure that there is always a bright light shining in the dark. It can be placed on your windowsill, as it enjoys the morning sunlight.



What it looks and feels like: Fluorite, which is clear as quartz but flecked with vibrant colors of green, purple, and pink, is a stunning spectrum stone.

What it does Choose Purple Fluorite to create a dream crystal that will keep your mind from worrying and let you see the beautiful images. Purple Fluorite acts as a dreamcatcher and allows you to access the doors of dreamland with no worries. Rainbow Fluorite promotes consciousness and mental clarity. It can also calm the mind and prevent it from becoming overwhelmed and causing panic. Learn more about Fluorite.

How to use it. When you need to have a strong foundation of balance, peace, and thoughtful thinking, Rainbow Fluorite is the right choice. If you feel overwhelmed by everything going on in your life, you can put this stone near your bed to help you find the solution.

6) Carnelian


What it looks and feels like: Bright in red hues, and tinged by the fire energy.

Carnelian is a bedtime stone that can bring more to your sleep. This stone can bring a surge of passion to your bed and is an excellent sexual healer. Carnelian can not only be a passion booster but it also increases your fertility, making it an excellent stone for anyone looking to increase their chances of having children. Learn more about Carnelian.

Use it when: Wear it under your mattress when you are trying to conceive, or on your body to add more intimacy and passion to your beautiful boudoir.

7) Black Tourmaline


How it looks: This beautiful black stone adds an extra layer of protection to your home.

What it does The Black Tourmaline Stone will wrap an invisible veil around your shoulders. Black Tourmaline can absorb negative energy in many different ways. Having it close to your bed while you sleep means that any negativity from your aura can be immediately collected. It is a protective stone that helps to prevent nightmares and night terrors. Learn more about Black Tourmaline.

When it’s best to use: If you are afraid of the dark, or have trouble sleeping due to nightmares, Black Tourmaline can help. It will keep you safe and bring more balance to your life. This amulet can be placed on your bedside table, or at your window or door.



How it looks: Moonstone, a warm stone in white shades, is a good choice for the dark.

What it does The Moonstone is all about emotional balance from the core. Moonstone is a great choice for anyone looking for a talisman that will take you to the realm of dreams or enhance your senses. Moonstone can help you transcend your sexual encounters and invite you to take a deeper dive into dreamwork. Learn more about Moonstone.

When it’s best to use: To deepen your feelings and enhance your bedtime experiences, place handmade moonstone crystals underneath your mattress. Moonstone placed on the windowsill can help you invoke your inner guide light.

9) Selenite


How it looks: Selenite is a wand of light. It has all the pale colors and transcendent hues.

What it does. Selenite, a powerful energy crystal, is great at clearing stagnant energy out of spaces. If we don’t regularly smudge or clear out our bedrooms, they can become brimming over with energy. A bedroom with Selenite can remove toxic energy and emotional buildups. It also helps to eliminate the presence of any person who has ever stepped in it. Selenite is known for bringing peace and tranquility to your home, making it ready for bedtime. Learn more about Selenite.

When you use it: Selenite can be called upon when your space feels like it needs an energy shift. Selenite can be used to calm down an argument, reduce the traces of an unfaithful one-night stand, or bring peace and tranquility to your space.

10) Labradorite


How it looks: Incandescent energy from Labradorite creates a combination of flashing greens, blues, and golds. This gem, just like the Northern Lights brings magic and color to the coldest nights.

What it does. Labradorite is a bright, mystical, creative, and brilliant stone. This stone is great for calming the monkey mind. It also helps you to follow the path of Zen, where your anxious thoughts can just drift away like waves. You can find greater purpose in your life by cultivating inner peace and adding more creativity to your daily life. Labradorite can help you let go of negativity, negative thoughts, and other things that keep your mind busy. Learn more about Labradorite.

When you should use it: If your creative projects are stalled, place Labradorite under the pillow to help your subconscious work while you sleep.

11) Howlite


How it looks: It’s as bright and luminous as a star above.

What it does Howlite brings you gentle bliss, and leads to deeper sleep. This stone can be used to soothe worries and move from anxiety to peaceful contemplation. These healing properties make Howlite a great choice to help people get rid of the frustrations of insomnia. Learn more about Howlite.

Use it when: To promote a deeper, more peaceful sleep that is free from worries and false starts, place Howlite under your pillow

12) Smoked Quartz


How it looks: A midnight cloud moving across a moon.

What it does. Protect yourself from negative energy and keep bad dreams away using the protective power that is Smoky Quartz. Smoky quartz is a powerful amplifier like clear quartz stones. It can emit strong vibrations to remove any lingering intent or dead air from your space.

How to use it: While you can place this gem under your pillows, one of the best ways to channel the energy from Smoky Quartz before falling asleep is to hold it in your hand and meditate with the gemstone. This will help to calm your mind and protect your aura.

Gemstone bracelets are another way to approach sleep


Rest-ready gemstones can help you get the best sleep possible. Wearing gemstone jewelry such as bracelets is a great way to get the most out of your sleep. Crystals can transmit their energy to the body by being close to the skin. You will be able to call on the power of protection, positive thoughts, anxiety easing, and grounding down to your root chakra when your crystal is close to the skin.

A crystal grid is another way to attract crystal energy to your space. This will keep negative vibes away. To keep negative energy out, you could place a quartz point, tumbled stone, or crystal cluster at your front door.


Your sleeping space should be filled with love, serenity, and sweet bliss. You can give yourself the rest you deserve by clearing out negative energy and allowing positive energy to enter the body. The power of crystals can bring you other pleasures, including divine intimacy, deeper connection, or a journey into the dream realm.